Updates to MWDL Governing Body, Guidelines

The MWDL Governing Body is pleased to share recent revisions to the MWDL Repository Guidelines (Governing document).

These revisions were adopted as of August 28, 2023 with a majority vote of the Governing Body. The document was revised by an ad hoc committee formed at the May 2023 Governing Body meeting. The committee included Emily Boss (University of Nevada, Reno; current Governing Body chair), Julia Simic (Oregon Digital), and Teresa Hebron (MWDL Program Director). The MWDL Governing Body, University of Utah General Counsel, and Utah Academic Library Consortium Council were given an opportunity to review the revisions and offer feedback before a vote was conducted.

A summary of the revisions:
  • Elected changed to selected in all cases
  • Reduced the number of voting members from 11 to 7 (MWDL Program Director and Finance Director remain ex-officio)
  • Member term length remains three years with the Chair to serve two years. We felt this better aligned with committees like ALA and would allow members to become familiar with the Body before serving as Chair.
  • Removed references to voting elections for members
  • Changed statement on the Governing Body’s role in evaluation of the Director’s performance to fit current practices
  • Changed language in the removal of Executive Officers to fit current practices

The restructured Governing Body will take effect with the next service year, July 2024-June 2025.

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