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Resources for Collections Partners

Becoming a Collections Partner
See Partnering with MWDL for information about becoming a Collections Partner in our network. We can help you to digitize and share your collections.

Policies and Guidelines
See Policies and Guidelines. for a clickable list of policies and guidelines that have been adopted by MWDL partners.

Submitting a Collection to MWDL
To include a collection for harvest into the Mountain West Digital Library, complete the form Submit a Collection for Ingestion into MWDL. If the repository that hosts the collection has not already been harvested by MWDL, talk with your repository manager about becoming a Member Repository.

Resources for Member Repositories

Joining MWDL
Mountain West Digital Library harvests from many digital collections repositories around the region that have joined as Members. We welcome new Member Repositories at any time. Please see our guide to Becoming a Member Repository.

Preparing for Harvest
The Mountain West Digital Library welcomes new hosting hubs to the network of digital collections about our region. To ready your repository, please see Setting Up a Repository for Harvest..

Checking the OAI Stream
Querying your collection's OAI stream in a Web browser is a great way to check the mapping of your fields, and to see if any text is getting truncated or any non-Unicode characters are being included, leading to garbling of the results. Check out our instructions for OAI Queries. OAI Queries.

Resources for Everyone

Partnering with Digital Public Library of America
We are proud to be one of the first Service Hubs in the Digital Public Library of America. Please see more about our work with DPLA at The Digital Public Library of America and MWDL.

Search MWDL from Your Web Pages
If you would like to promote MWDL on your own web pages, or let your patrons search MWDL from your web page, see our discovery tools page for a logo button and a search widget.

Search DPLA from Your Web Pages
Also see the DPLA search widget on the DPLA Page to connect your users with even more resources!

Past Webinars
If you would like to watch previous webinars, go to: